STEP is here | Camosun College Trades Career Fair

STEP is here | Camosun College Trades Career Fair

The 2018 Trades Career Fair with Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia was a great chance to meet prospective employers and connect with STEP’s Regional Employment Placement Specialists (REPS) in person. Many came with questions about the trades, construction companies, and career paths. STEP REPS Isabel McLean (left) and Zuzana Capeau (right) were there ready to talk shop and answer all the questions.


1. How much does an entry-level electrician make?

In the  Lower mainland, $13-$15 an hour. Electricians are currently the lowest paid starting apprentices.

2. How do I get an apprenticeship?

You have to get an employer sponsor. 

3. How do I know if I’m right for the electrician trade?

If you’re strong in math, the electrician trade may be the path for you. That’s what we’re hearing from journeymen. Apprentice electricians can find the third year with more complicated math challenging.

STEP TIP: Don’t forget to bring your resume with you to job fairs!

Taking Foundation courses at Camosun? STEP is just one reason to come to today’s Trades Career Fair

— Camosun College (@Camosun) January 24, 2018